Our Facilities

  • State of the art fully digital Cadwell equipment
  • Additional EEG capability allows for full neurologic assessment when necessary
  • Fully pediatric capable lab with child sized sensors, EtCO2 monitoring, Pediatric scoring and interpretation
  • Comfortable child friendly hotel style sleep rooms
  • Friendly kid-tested registered sleep and EEG technicians
  • Neurology and Pulmonology expertise

Medical Directors

Edwin Liu, MD
Triple Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Child Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology



When to Refer

  • Insomnias including nighttime or early morning awakenings, restless legs syndrome
  • Nocturnal arousals including sleep walking, night terrors, and other parasomnias or possible seizures
  • Symptoms of inadequate sleep such as difficulty walking, daytime sleepiness, chronic headaches, ADHD/learning difficulties and behavioral difficulties
  • Symptoms of sleep disordered breathing such as snoring, apnea, gasping or increased effort breathing

Patient Forms: Please download and fill out all attached forms and bring with you to your appointment. Thank you.